Preparing for your Day Surgery

Pre-Admission Info

Throughout your stay from check-in to discharge, each customer will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. This guide will give you a sense of how to prepare for your day surgery and what to expect during your stay with us.

You will also need to complete a Pre-Check-In Form at your surgeon’s clinic. This will enable The Central Surgery to contact you and make preparations for your scheduled surgery.


1. At your Surgeon’s Clinic

Your surgeon will arrange the date and time of your check-in for surgery. Once the date of your surgery has been confirmed, he/she will explain the procedure and complete the Surgery Consent form with you. Your surgeon will also instruct you on the fasting period prior to the surgery, when you are not to eat or drink anything (including water).

You will also need to complete a Pre-Check-In Form at your surgeon’s clinic. This will enable The Central Surgery to contact you and make preparations for your scheduled surgery.



Our nurses will call you 1 business day before the surgery to confirm your personal details and medical history. They may ask you for information that you have provided to your surgeon before; however, it is a matter of safety that we double-check certain details. During this phone call:​

  • Your medical history will be reviewed

  • The details of your surgery including time and procedure type will be reconfirmed

  • We will advise you on how to reach The Central Surgery

  • We will discuss your discharge arrangements, including a companion to accompany you (especially if your procedure is under sedation or general anaesthetic)

  • Please take this opportunity to ask any questions regarding your surgery


If you still have any concerns, such as a question you forgot to ask during the call, you may contact us via:



Rest assured that you will still have the chance to discuss concerns with us or your surgeon on the day of your surgery.


3. Preparing for your surgery

Please get ready all documents applicable to your surgery, including:


  • Your identity documents (HKID or Passport)

  • Original copy of the Surgery Consent form

  • Your regular medications

    • E.g. asthma puffer, insulin, blood pressure medications

  • Relevant x-rays, scans or test results


Your surgeon would have informed you of the fasting period prior to the surgery. This means nothing to eat or drink (including water) prior to your operation. Unless your surgeon gives you special instructions, please do not:


  • Eat or drink anything after midnight (for morning surgery)

  • Eat or drink anything after 7am (for afternoon surgery)

    • A light breakfast before 7am is acceptable (e.g. tea and toast)

  • Smoke cigarettes or chew gum


It is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions on fasting, particularly if your surgery is under sedation or general anaesthetic. If fasting instructions are not followed properly, it may be unsafe for your surgery to proceed and it may have to be rescheduled.


In addition, we also advise that you:

  • Do not wear contact lenses

  • Do not wear too much jewellery (a ring and watch are acceptable)

  • Do not wear makeup or nail polish

  • Do not bring valuables, including large amounts of cash

    • A small locker is available for storage of your belongings

    • The Central Surgery accepts no liability for items of value and cash brought into our premises

  • Do shower on the day of surgery and put on clean clothes

  • Do put on comfortable clothing that is easy to remove


Lastly, we strongly recommend that you have a companion accompany you on the day of surgery. Particularly if you are to receive sedation or general anaesthetic, you will require a companion to accompany you on your journey home.


4. Arriving at The Central Surgery

Upon checking in at the front desk, our staff will guide you to one of our private VIP rooms where you can change into a gown, sit and relax. Your companion may stay and keep you company.


You will also meet your anaesthetist and discuss the anaesthetic to be used, common side effects from anaesthesia and what can be done to mitigate these side effects. The anaesthetist will complete an Anaesthetic Consent Form with you and also answer any questions you may have.


Your surgeon will also come to see you before you are brought into the operating theatre. Your surgeon will mark the operative site on your body using a marker pen: they will draw an arrow or cross to indicate where the surgery will be.

The Central Surgery VIP suite

5. A Note on Timing

While we try to make sure that all surgeries run on schedule, this may be occasionally affected by changes happening at a moment's notice. For instance, a surgery before yours may take more time than planned due to circumstances beyond our control, which might then impact on your surgery start time.


In any case, our friendly staff will do their best to keep you informed at all times. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.


Your companion is welcome to wait at The Central Surgery, however they do not have to stay here the whole time. There is a café and restaurant in Champion Tower where we recommend they wait in comfort. They will be given an estimated time to return to collect you and we will call them about half an hour before you are ready for discharge.


6. After the Surgery

After your surgery is complete, you will be moved to the Recovery Area where you will recover from the anaesthesia or sedation during the surgery.

It is quite normal to feel slightly disoriented at first, and you may find it hard to focus on what people are saying. The disorientation will dissipate gradually; a nurse, backed up by the anaesthetist, will be close by monitoring your recovery.


Once you are awake enough, you will be given something to eat and drink. Our staff will continue to monitor you until they are happy that you are ready to go home.


7. When you Leave

Your surgeon or anaesthetist may prescribe some medications for you to take home.


Before you leave with your companion, you will be provided with the ‘Day Surgery Discharge Information’ brochure on how to look after yourself at home.


If you are not being driven by your companion, we recommend that you travel home by taxi – there is a taxi rank conveniently located at the entrance of our building. You should not drive yourself home.

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