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General Surgery

General Surgery is one of the most important specialties of modern medicine, many of which belong to the category of day surgery and do not require hospitalization. General Surgery is a regular day surgery centre, which is safe and reliable, it also saves medical expenses. The Central Surgery has an outstanding surgical team and welcomes all surgeons to join in our team to provide various types of surgeries. 

The Central Surgery undergoes some general surgeries including, but no limited to:

  • Skin surgery — removal of skin tags and skin lesions
  • Minor fingernail and toenail surgery — removal of subungual hematoma, ingrown nails and repair of nail beds, etc.
  • Breast-related medical procedures — removal of cysts, fibroadenomas or other adenosis of breast
  • Microvascular surgery — implantation of vascular access devices
  • Haemorrhoid-related surgery — removal or banding of haemorrhoids
  • Other minor surgeries — circumcision and removal of hernia, etc.

The equipment used by the surgeons of The Central Surgery are world class level. Our team is also committed to providing a quality nursing environment for all surgeons.

Please note that the general surgery performed by The Central Surgery is not limited to the above. Please feel free to contact us at any time to inquire about relevant surgical information or to schedule an appointment.

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