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Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

In view of the Emergency Response Level activated by the Hong Kong Government, The Central Surgery (TCS) has implemented the following precautionary measures to safeguard our patients, doctors and staff against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

1. Measures applying to ALL patients

1.1  FTOCC Screening

  • FTOCC stands for “Fever, Travel, Occupation, Contact, Clustering”, and is a verbal questionnaire in which patients are asked about their recent history of respiratory symptoms, travel and contact history.
  • This will be conducted twice:
    • By phone call to the patient on the day before coming to TCS; and
    • Upon arrival at TCS.

1.2. Temperature check

  • All patients will have their temperature taken and recorded upon arrival at TCS.

1.3.  Companions

  • Companions such as relatives, friends and helpers are kindly requested to wait outside TCS premises – a dedicated waiting area is available. If companions choose to wait elsewhere, he/she should leave their phone number to be notified when the patient is ready to be picked up.
  • If it is necessary for the patient to be accompanied, one (1) companion will be allowed to enter, subject to a temperature check and/or FTOCC screening.
  • Companions are permitted to accompany the patient in non-clinical areas only.
2. Measures applying to endoscopy and surgery patients

2.1. Presentation of COVID-19 PCR test report

  • Patients are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR report fitting the following conditions:
    • Mode of test is PCR (i.e., rapid test results not accepted)
    • Specimen collection date is within 3 days before the date of endoscopy/surgery.
    • Example: if the date of endoscopy/surgery is 4th of June, test report with specimen collection date on or after 1st June is accepted.
  • If testing was done at a government Community Testing Centre:
    • SMS showing negative result and specimen bottle number is accepted.
    • Note: Tests performed by private laboratories are also accepted
  • If a PCR report is not presented or is invalid (e.g., specimen collection date is more than 3 days before procedure):
    • Rapid antigen test can be done at TCS for a fee of $500
    • Patient will need to arrive 1 hour ahead of their procedure to allow time to perform the rapid test
3.     Measures applying to patients undergoing dressings/minor procedures
For Mask-off dressings/minor procedures

Mask-off means that removal of the facemask is necessary for the procedure. For example, post-surgical removal of stitches in the maxillary area.

 3.1. If PCR test report is presented

  • Only accepted if within 10 days of specimen collection date
  • Example: if the date of mask-off dressing/minor procedure is 20th June, a test report with specimen collection date on or after 11th June is accepted.

3.2.  If non-PCR test report is presented

  • Sample analysis by non-PCR methods, such as rapid antigen test kits, are not accepted.
  • Patients are required to obtain a PCR test report as per B1, or undergo rapid antigen test at TCS
For Mask-on dressings/minor procedures

TCS encourages doctors and patients to always maintain mask-wearing, and to only remove the facemask if clinically necessary.
For all dressings/minor procedures where facemask is not removed, test report/rapid antigen test requirements are waived.

4. Measures applying to patients attending consultations

COVID-19 testing requirements are waived for patients attending consultations. Routine inspections where the facemask is removed briefly, such as visual inspection of the throat, is excepted.

5.    Exceptions

TCS will exercise discretion in the enforcement of these precautionary measures. Exceptions to COVID-19 testing requirements are listed below:

  • Routine inspections where the facemask is removed briefly (e.g., visual inspection of the throat)
  • Specimen collection for urea breath testing

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