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About Day Surgery

Day surgery is commonly misinterpreted as comprising only of simple surgeries, such as treating “lumps and bumps”. However, most surgeries for patients who are otherwise fit and healthy can actually be done as a day-only case, meaning that the entire process from check-in to discharge occurs within the same calendar day.

With the advanced surgery and anaesthetic techniques available today, the majority of elective surgeries in countries such as the UK and Australia are now done as day surgery. Hong Kong is witnessing a shifting trend in health insurance coverage towards favouring day surgery, and this benefits patients with substantially lower healthcare costs due to the elimination of charges associated with hospital accommodation. Patients also do not have to worry about securing a hospital bed, alleviating the existing pressures on hospitals.

Lastly, day surgery outside a hospital mitigates the risks of inpatient hospital stay, such as hospital-acquired infections.

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